In-App Messaging on Pigeon Suite

This feature works in collaboration with other features line Ride Updates, Mobile Food Ordering, Virtual Queueing, Planner, and many more to include notifications that can help you communicate with your visitors directly through their use of your app. This can start from a welcoming message upon their entrance to your venue and continue with announcements of activities and events taking place nearby during their visit. It is also connected to the features they are signed up to get notifications and reminders for their scheduled events and the availability of any of their orders.

Many benefits also come with In-App Messaging and your ability to communicate notifications, promotions, and sales with your guests all throughout their visit:

Beyond the messages that you can communicate to guests as you track their journey through your venue, they are also able to see pop-up notifications throughout the entire live site guests when any safety updates or other warnings may need to be released. In any way, your consistent communication and open realization of your customers’ desires and interests can help your business increase the level of customer service and build your guests’ trust and loyalty to your business through your open communication with them. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.