Make your Media Social

With a great deal to gain from fan engagement, it essentially boils down to money. The more you engage with your fans, their loyalty increases and helps to increase their purchases of game tickets, merchandise, or even pay into the team’s ads and other pay-per-view events on league channels. With your media involved in the social interaction of your fans, you can understand users’ desires, wants, needs, and motivations to help customize your platform and further increase fan engagement.

Communities built around your team and players help to build additional fan engagement. In FaNgage you have the ability to build these communities with many social features to help fans feel more connected and keep them coming back for more related content, such as player updates and leaderboards. Inside a live sports streaming app, fans can have a variety of your team information available so they can always tune in to the latest news.

FaNgage lets you post and share games photos and videos. This way players and fans can relive the very best moments and interact by cheering, commenting, liking, and sharing. FaNgage is a social media platform exclusively for your organization and community.

With social media, fan engagement can continue off-site to help continue brand excitement throughout the year even when your team is out of season. It is a wonderful opportunity to create unique experiences and special offers to keep your fans coming to your organization for interaction and engagement. Fan engagement is an ongoing process, not ending after a game, allowing the opportunity for your organization to facilitate these social media connections on non-game days, during the off-season, or at any time you may feel the need to engage with fans and attract new fans. And FaNgage is here to help you increase social media communication and engagement with your fans. With their activity in FaNgage, your like-minded fans can come together well beyond your events, and you can encourage them to share their experiences.