Player Statistics on Pigeon Tech

Just like keeping the standings and rankings of your teams, all of your players and fans can remain up to date with individual player statistics through the FaNgage app. Players can enter the app after each of their games to find all the details of how they performed. Even more, all of your fans can constantly remain updated on the app by following the details of their favorite players to see their performance from each game and also compare the statistics of competitive players among teams and within a league to see how everyone is doing throughout the season.

Throughout your organization’s season, FaNgage shows a great deal of detail on player statistics on how everyone performs from each game and their entire seasonal performance.

In the app they can see details stats including all of the following:

With these features and many others available through Pigeon Suite apps, your organization, athletes, and fans can easily track the statistics of all players within your leagues and teams. If you would like to test how these features work, contact us today to request a demo.