Security and Data Encryption on Pigeon Collaboration

By sharing a lot of data, both text and media over the internet, security is a major concern and risk. All data is backed-up on a regular pre-defined frequency to ensure minimal loss of data in case of any security breach or other incidents. Data-in-motion is encrypted over a secure http channel and data access is tightly controlled through user authentication and authorization. Certain portions of the app are restricted to super users and admin users, while others are restricted to end users with login access to the app, while certain other portions of the app have public access requiring no authentication. User roles and security privileges are easily configurable thru the admin console.

In brief, the security features include:

With all of these data security features together, Pigeon Collaboration protects the data from your internal and external network members together. If you would like to see how this Data Security and Encryption works, contact us today to request a demo.