Virtual Queuing on Pigeon MapNav

Luckily, with your customers’ devices and today’s technology waiting in line is no longer a frustration on your site. And Pigeon Tech is here to help you with Virtual Queuing through our MapNav app. By setting up Virtual Queuing through your Pigeon MapNav App, your guests are able to continue exploring your site, visiting various locations, and making additional purchases while they wait for the activities for which they are in line. And you continue to make money!

Many benefits exist with Virtual Queuing for your guests and staff alike to help keep the traffic moving throughout your site and cash registers combined. In many ways, the Virtual Queuing feature integrates with the other features of your apps in order to help both your guests and your business with the following benefits:

With Virtual Queuing and digital notifications, you can say goodbye to those never-ending lines throughout your park and keep the traffic moving all over your site continuously throughout the day. Even more, your guests can continue mapping their way through your site via your Pigeon Suite Apps, learning more about your businesses, buying tickets and other purchases, and sharing their experience at your location with their friends and family as well. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.