White Labeling on Pigeon Attractions

There is no reason why your employees, partners, and visitors should enter a digital workplace that lacks the image and message intended by your company’s brand.Your guests and employees deserve to stay connected with your company’s brand. With Pigeon Attractions White Labeling you can customize the app to match your brand specifically to meet the message and voice you present to the public with your marketing and advertising campaigns.All customization within the Pigeon Attractions app includes the following:

With your brand fully incorporated into your app or website, the confidence in full adoption of your brand into the mind of your employees, customers, and all other team members is much stronger. It becomes more easily remembered by all those who visit your company online, and more easily recognized everywhere. Recognizability leads to trust, and everyone is more likely to work with a website or app or a business they trust and rely upon.

With all of these functions together, Pigeon Attractions helps your employees, customers, and others easily communicate and collaborate with all their applications integrated together. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.