Attractions: How to Increase Revenue

The biggest question inside your business today may simply be, “How can we increase revenue?” At your Attraction, there is one solution to that issue: customers. After a great experience customers will buy more products, be more loyal, and share their experience with their friends. That brings in more customers over and over again. And in the long run that means increased revenue exponentially. So, the most efficient way to improve your customer’s experience at your Attraction? Pigeon Attractions!

At the beginning, we can start with the base of the source of increased ROI: your customers. As mentioned previously, increased revenue comes from your customers spending more time, buying more products, increasing their loyalty, and promoting your attraction to their family and friends. To help bring these factors into your business, it helps to have your customers more actively involved in their experience while touring your site. With a digital app that assists with speed, convenience, consistency, and friendliness in their journey through your attraction, customers feel happier and more comfortable with your business while they are there and after they leave. They trust you.

Pigeon Attractions is something that your customers can have every moment of their trip through your Attraction, even on their way in and as they leave. They are able to plan their trip ahead of time and share their trip with friends and family as soon as they leave. Customers can communicate with your team while they tour your location and learn all the details about your site. 

One of the most important factors in all of this includes the factor of human touch, or by making the connection to your location more real with your visitors. As your guests make their journey through your site, they can search through your app for the spots they wish to see and the purchases they wish to make. Their questions and the answers presented to them through Pigeon Attractions are trackable by your team for collectable data. Even more, with this interactive progress through your site, customers are more loyal to everything on your site from retailers, products, brands, and everything where they may spend money. Stress is reduced and trust is increased. In the end, your business’s revenue is increased. 

For your marketing team, many options exist within Pigeon Attractions to help interact with your customers, mapping their journeys throughout your site for every opportunity they have to engage with your brand. This includes opportunities for sales including fast passes, live shows, VIP experiences, and more.

Pigeon Attractions can work with your Attraction’s marketing team in five key steps to help reach your guests as they make their way through your site:

Through all five of these steps, your marketing team can customize your Pigeon Attractions app to help meet the guest journeys through your site while also providing proper marketing for upsells at the locations they will pass. Even more, Pigeon Attractions offers engaging experience for your guests in their trip throughout your site with connections and real-time ads.

Even beyond their time within your site, the platform available can help your Attraction remain in connection with customers long after their visit. With the plan for any return visits, guests can continue the purchase of tickets for special events, membership programs, and much more. You also have the ability to send out polls and surveys to help understand your guests’ needs and wants and continue your business growth and development. With all of this together, data is available to help grow your CRM and run ad campaigns based on on-site behavior to improve targeting and increase the ROI.

All in all, it’s an interactive adventure through your Attraction, one that any customer doesn’t have to guess and wonder about. Your use of Pigeon Attractions helps to hand them all the information needed to understand your site as they walk through knowingly and confidently. They walk out with enjoyable memories to share with friends and family who they will want to bring back and show even more.

Even more, it’s a much more convenient and friendly experience with your customer who feels knowledgeable and comfortable navigating your site. With all the information right at their fingers, it’s not a trip of asking questions and digging for information from people at any stop they can stumble upon. If they feel your information is handed over easily and efficiently, you become a trustworthy vendor and more worthy of their time and purchases in the long run.

With so many customizable and beneficial features available inside the Pigeon-Tech apps, there is a great deal for your business to gain in relation to your current customers and increasing your revenue. To learn more about the Pigeon-Tech apps, Request a Demo!

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