The sports industry is witnessing fresh avenues for expansion with the emergence of digital technology, which has opened up possibilities for providing fans with unique and personalized experiences. Through the use of advanced technology such as AI and IoT, sports organizations have the possibility to digitize its play areas, interactions, scouting, and fan engagement elevating their game at significant pace.

The following FaNgage features enable you to better serve the needs of your team, players and fans:

Cheering for your Favorite Team or Player

When it comes to creating memorable experiences and engaging your fans, we are the experts! FaNgage helps your fans celebrate wins and have memorable experiences by sharing their emotions through smart phones or wearables devices, regardless of whether they are at the venue or somewhere else.

Make your Media Social

Post photos and videos from games. This way players and fans can relive the very best moments and interact by cheering, commenting, liking, and sharing. A social media platform exclusively for your organization.

Player and Team Profiles

With FaNgage’s personalized team and player profiles; athletes, coaches, and fans remain engaged throughout the season. The profiles provide more than just an introduction to your team and players. They offer a platform to create impactful fan engagement and memorable experiences, as well as revamp your storytelling strategy to attract and retain your fan base.

Player Statistics

Access detailed statistics equivalent to those of professionals by simply logging into the app during or after a game.

Standings and Rankings

Easy and simple way to track statistics of your league, team, club, or tournament. Add statistics manually or sync automatically.


Scheduling games for your league, team, club, or tournament is super easy on FaNgage. Notify your players as soon as you schedule it. Select the teams, venue, date and time and the game automatically gets added to your schedule. You can delete or edit the game in a few clicks if your schedule is updated.


With FaNgage you have ample opportunities for connecting and communicating. This feature can assist in elevating the engagement levels of your current fans and also aid in expanding your fan base by effortlessly sharing team, player and other organizational updates.