Pigeon Collaboration is a professional network, a social network and more! It allows users to network, share content, manage groups, organize events, etc. It is an Enterprise Communication Platform.

Make your own Social or Professional Network

Pigeon Collaboration allows you to create an immersive experience for your company and customers – by creating a social media platform exclusively for your organization.

Pigeon Connect

The breaks and challenges in communication may interrupt your workflows and processes. So, with the integration of your outside contacts into your network you can smooth out your communication connections. With Pigeon Collaboration, you can easily connect to outside contacts within your network. Many functions are available including messaging, calls, meetings, and more.

Collaborative Channels

Communication can be overwhelming and applications can overcome roadblocks in interaction to help improve teamwork within your group. Pigeon Collaboration offers many Collaborative Channels to increase comfortable communication between all team members. Working like social media, communication enters your entire staff in a much more personal and social manner, allowing perfect project collaboration and forging strong bonds between colleagues.

Updated Communication

Pigeon Collaboration provides hands-on, up to date communication at any time, allowing organizations to easily share content with employees and providing employees easy-to-use tools to interact with each other online. As the perfect solution to the gaps in company communication, Pigeon Collaboration can help improve employee integration.

People Directory

Inside People Directory profile access helps build communication and connection among your team. Enhance the networking connections among your employees to help deepen teamwork throughout all your colleagues who work together. With the ability to contact and communicate together throughout this directory all employees can smooth the processes, meet efficiently and effectively, and remain within the updated company network communication.

Culture and Engagement

Engage your employees with one another to keep your company’s workflow productive. With many employees in hybrid or remote roles, Pigeon Collaboration can enhance employee engagement and improve everyone’s knowledge of company culture and news. One of the greatest benefits is increased employee engagement to affect positively business outcomes. Everyone can stay connected.

Technology and Third-Party Integrations

Pigeon Collaboration can be accessed through Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android devices. All users have consistent in-app experiences. The platform is built from ground up with open APIs to be easily integrated with third party software and systems such as ticketing systems, alumni associations and members extension which makes managing memberships easy and effortless.

Apps and Integrations

With many scattered apps required through your workplace and practices, it can be hard to keep a steady flow of communication as needed within the procedures while moving back and forth across various platforms for access to different apps needed throughout your work. So, the integration of your apps within Pigeon Collaboration can smooth the digital workplace experience inside a single platform.

White Labeling and Branding

There is no reason why your employees should enter a digital workplace that lacks the image and message intended by your company’s brand. So, working with Pigeon Collaboration brings along a great deal of solutions to these challenges for your entire team. No matter what happens in relation to the communication within your team or even to your external network, everything can be customized.

Security and Data Encryption

By sharing a lot of communication and data through your broad network, security comes to a greater risk. With more external connections possibly accessing your network data as it passes back and forth through an increased digital workplace, security and data encryption offer much greater protection. To solve the many risks of data loss when shared outside your network, Security and Data Encryption are available in Pigeon Collaboration.


Data drives decisions that move your business forward. And with productivity and engagement on the line, your digital workplace is no exception. With Pigeon Collaboration Analytics, you can access actionable insights about user engagement and content performance to help identify areas for improvement and plan out your next steps.