Elevate Your Golf facility with Pigeon-Tech

Introducing the latest innovation from Pigeon-Tech: a Golf Scoring App poised to revolutionize your golfing experience, whether you’re on the outdoor course or in the controlled environment of an indoor range. This app isn’t just a technological leap—it’s like adding a new member to your golfing crew.

Seamless Start to Finish
Picture this: you arrive at the facility, your phone doubling up as your connection to live scoring. A swift scan of a QR code, and you’re armed with a sophisticated golfing companion right in your pocket. Our app’s hassle-free download and registration process mean less time setting up and more time putting away.
Your Game, Your Rules
Setting up a game is as easy as pie. Our intuitive interface lets you effortlessly add players and keep tabs on every putt. It’s like having a digital scorecard that takes care of all the heavy lifting—so you can focus on having fun.
Never Miss a Beat—or a Bite
No need to pause your play for a snack break. Order food directly through our app, and have it delivered to you while you play. Keep your energy up and your game uninterrupted with our seamless food ordering feature.
Live Scoring: Feel the Thrill
Experience the excitement of tournament play with live updates broadcasted right the big screen. Watch your name climb the leaderboard in real-time, motivating you to give it you’re all with every putt.
Every Game a Story to Tell
Relive every round within our app, creating a detailed history of your golfing journey. Whether you’re celebrating victories or analyzing areas for improvement, it’s your personal golf archive, accessible whenever, wherever.

A Universal Golf Companion

The Pigeon-Tech Golf Scoring App seamlessly blends into any golf course environment. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for course operators and a beloved accessory for golfers. Whenever you play, our app is ready to elevate your experience.

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