Facility Management Made Simple: Usage of Indoor Navigation Technologies is the Key [Indoor Navigation]

Wonder how huge facilities manage their space and personnel effectively?

Well, it has been a huge problem for facility managers until a few years ago. With the advent of technologies to aid in space utilization and much more, it is now a matter of time before investing on such technology to make it simple.

Unlike the Global Positioning System (GPS) developed by the US, indoor positioning system (IPS) as it is commonly called, can aid in effective facility management.

However, it is also important to know that an IPS is very basic and facilities should be looking to deploy a complete 360 degree technology and not merely an IPS.

Read on to know the core benefits of indoor navigation technology.

Hassle-free Navigation

While GPS helps us navigate through the outdoors and get to the destination of our choice, indoor navigation apps help us locate spaces seamlessly.

Be it a co-worker’s desk, a meeting room, or a break-out area, seamless navigation helps the users save time and energy. Works well for huge office spaces, shopping malls, and hospitals among others.

Optimal Space Utilization

Facility heads are always in a fix when faced with problems arising due to space constraints. Some spaces are overutilized while others are deserted at most times.

To bring in a judicious balance, what if there was a mobile app where facility heads could monitor a given space and then put it to use as required? Would be both time-saving and effortless!

Personnel Tracking

This is one grey area which is complicated but at the same time too vital to ignore. These apps do that and much more. It helps decision-makers obtain data about personnel movement within the facility and thereby make more informed decisions.

The Attractions Indoor Positioning and Navigation App is one such technically robust mobile app that aids in superior facility management.

Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Read further to know more features of indoor navigation technologies.

Navigation to the dot

Imagine helping someone navigate from outside the facility to a precise location indoors. Saves a lot of coordination trouble, doesn’t it?

That’s how these apps work – you can direct your visitors from anywhere outside the facility till your desk or a meeting room located inside the facility.

Space Reservation Option

It has always been a problem finding a good meeting room for team discussions or official meetings when you need them as a clash of timings occurs quite often.

People are all set to meet and brainstorm before they realize a relevant room is available only after an hour or two. An instant dip in motivation!

Instead, open an app, reserve the space and chairs, and boom! You get to brainstorm, discuss and crack path-breaking ideas.


Quality Data Generation

Get comprehensive data related to workspaces, personnel, visitors, etc. for making more informed decisions. As we all know, data is the new oil!

The more data you can generate, the more of it can be analyzed and laid-bare for organizational decision-making processes.

An effective indoor positioning and navigation app gives you precise data and aids in both processes and people transformation. The result is enhanced productivity and a more accountable workforce.

As witnessed by tech pundits and facility owners, there has been a steady increase in usage of this technology as days go by.

As we progress into an advanced technological society, it becomes imperative for heads of large facilities to deploy such apps for enhanced indoor navigation.

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