Multi-Lingual Support on Pigeon Attractions

Never leave your international visitors out of the loop while they visit your site. With Pigeon Attractions you can offer support for any language with the automated configuration to update the app to match the user’s device language.

This can help your business remain in consistent communication with your visitors and keep them up to date with all the updates of your venue including your map, activities, events, and their own scheduled notifications and messages.

With Multi-Lingual Support for your users, many benefits are available for you and them alike, including the following:

With your customers’ personal language supported in your app, you can more effectively message with them throughout all the features of your app. This helps to both keep them up to date on your venue events and promotions and easily help them navigate from one point to the next throughout your location. Even more, with this translation, in-app customer support chats can help expand your customer service capabilities to your international guests and further improve your guest experience and lead to better and longer guest relationships. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.