Standings and Rankings

With Standings and Rankings, you can easily use FaNgage to track the statistics of your league, team, club, or tournament as games are complete throughout a season or series. In your records, statistics can be added manually to continually update the records of each game for your team. You can also use this Standings and Rankings app to synchronize automatic records that are tracked in connection with your league and other placements. As these standings and rankings are tracked those that are recorded through the app can also be compared between players and teams within leagues and organizations.

To track Standings and Rankings through FaNgage, many benefits are available through the connection of the features of this app along with the records complete among all competitions. You can see the following details tracked throughout an entire season as statistics are kept up throughout the records of your teams’ and players’ activity throughout the season:

With all of these features together, Pigeon Standings and Rankings helps you easily share the statistics of all teams and players within your organization internally and share this information out to your fan base. Even more, your fans can easily follow all these statistics of all teams and players throughout your organization along with the results of all events that take place throughout the season. If you would like to test how this feature works, contact us today to request a demo.