How Can Indoor Wayfinding Benefit Business Enterprises? 5 Reasons! [Indoor Wayfinding App]

Most often, large business enterprises deploy signboards at their venues for wayfinding and navigating to points of interest. This is precisely how the power of indoor wayfinding technology can benefit businesses.

In today’s rapidly evolving business climate, technology makes a huge impact to the way business enterprises manage operations. Indoor wayfinding apps are much more than just wayfinding and navigation platforms, they are a package of features for enterprises spread over a large area.

5 Reasons How Indoor Wayfinding Apps Can Benefit Your Businesses

On average, large facility businesses across the globe have been overlooking the magic of indoor wayfinding apps and are still doing it the old fashioned way such as

o Looking at each signage
o Asking for directions
o Reaching their destinations after trial and error.

Isn’t it high time for them to revive their business strategies in order to attract modern day visitors while improving operational efficiency?

Here’s what indoor wayfinding tech can do for your enterprise
1. Company/Product Branding
2. Indoor Wayfinding Made Easy
3. Location/Target Based Promotions
4. Works as an Internal Communication Channel
5. Employs’ Morale Improved

1. Company/Product Branding

The more consistent your brand logo or signage is displayed in the existing venue, the greater the chances of letting the visitors know about what you’re up to. With indoor wayfinding apps, the possibility of your product/ company’s effective promotions is on the rise.

These apps can customize and integrate information based on the requirement of the management. With these apps on visitors’ Smartphones, proximity marketing for offers and deals becomes automated.

2. Indoor Navigation Made Easy

What needs to be acknowledged as navigation users or providers is that indoor navigation system has been on the rise since the last couple of years. Having said that, it very disappointing to still see people not being associated with it.

Indoor navigation is the predominant feature among the rest of the features indoor wayfinding apps serve. Most of the large facilities such as airports, hospitals, office spaces, etc. deal with bigger and complex situations while at the venue. To combat such situations, hiring an indoor wayfinding app provider becomes the need of the hour.

However, the services of indoor wayfinding apps go way beyond indoor navigation alone. Read this blog post for the benefits of indoor navigation technology.

3. Location/Target Based Promotions

Indoor wayfinding apps have the knack of benefitting the users of the app and providers as well. With an exclusive and customized feature like location-based promotions, the visitors will be cognizant about the discounts, events, promotions within the venue at any given point of time.


This gives the management an upper hand, however, the visitors can be customized based on their previous associations with the venue, store, or even a stall.

4. Works as an Internal Communication Channel

With indoor wayfinding apps, communicating with the person using the same app is as easy as taking or receiving a phone call. Features such as In-app calling and messaging will allow the visitors to have a transparent communication process in venues that are chaotic and complex.

5. Employs’ Morale Improved

These apps don’t just boost the morale of the visitors but they do the same to the employs at the venue.

As mentioned in this blog post, there are multiple benefits of indoor wayfinding apps for your businesses, and it is up to you to choose the best among the existing indoor navigation technology and you need to choose wisely and always remember that not all that glitters is gold.

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