How Does An Indoor Navigation App Generate Revenue For Businesses? [Indoor Positioning and Navigation Technology]

Based on Geolocation technology, an indoor navigation app is a positioning and wayfinding platform which doubles up as an interface between enterprises and their customers, aiding in enhanced visitor experience which eventually leads to revenue growth.

You might be the owner or the facility head of a shopping mall, a healthcare facility, an aquarium, a museum, or a zoo. Most of these facilities witness substantial footfall, leading to a necessity for visitors engaging visitors optimally, thus ensuring growth in the quantum of overall visits once your venue is rated high.

An Indoor Navigation App For Better Visitor Experience

Visitors at a facility such as a shopping mall can use a navigation app on their Smartphones to guide them to the desired location, effortlessly. By simply tapping a couple of times on their device, users can access various points of interest using the shortest path to reach a particular space.

Visitors have access to:
• The facility map on their fingertips for wayfinding and reaching points of interest
• A search option for viewing assets and bookmarking them
• Navigation routes through voice commands for a hands-free experience

A Few Features of an Indoor Navigation App

Core features of these apps are as follows:

• Positioning

Identifying the location of various assets placed within the facility

• Mapping

Pointing to various places of interest within the venue and displaying viable routes

• Wayfinding

Guides users with the shortest route and leads the visitor to the destination

• User Analytics

Displays the number of visitors and user heat signature within the facility

• Facility Management

Lets building administrators control beacons, set up promotional operations, and more

Benefits of an Indoor Navigation App For Facility Managers

Location Sharing

Visitors in the facility can share the location and also fix an appropriate meeting point for them

Marketing and Promotion

Facility heads can use push notifications and location-based alerts to promote products and services for users to avail

Emergency Management

Vital alerts related to the safety and security of the users can be sent on a real-time basis

Inventory & Asset Tracking

It also helps to track the visitor movements and also the assets within the facility

Industry Segments – Applicability of Indoor Navigation Technology

Medical Facilities
Shopping Malls
Educational Facilities
Zoo Parks
Convention Centers
Corporate Campus
Resorts & Theme Parks
Public Parks
Sports Stadiums

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