How important is a robust platform to improve communication and target new demographics?

One of the greatest questions today for Faith-Based Organizations leaders is “Does my organization need a Mobile Application?” And the clear answer in today’s functionalities is “Yes.”

Considering that research shows that a Mobile App is the most preferred way of engagement with your congregation after in-person church attendance, this will be the most efficient communication platform with your current members along with targeting a new audience.

Pigeon Collaboration, a secure and robust platform, offers incredible uses for the broad communication with your congregation beyond in-person church attendance. With the ability to customize mobile application features as they apply to your Faith-Based Organization you can relate closely to your congregation on a personal level, even more securely than a social media platform.

Pigeon Collaboration embeds state-of-the-art features which enable all Faith-Based Organizations to easily serve the purposes of Ministry, Worship, Evangelism, Fellowship, and much more.

In addition to transforming the connection to your current congregation, the many custom features of Pigeon Collaboration work in the same manner as social media platforms that help you to reach out to a new following. In an effort to reach out to a new demographic, there is much to work with the benefits of promoting real relationships, maintaining personal connections, boosting Bible literacy, sharing your message and efforts with the community, empowering changes with your words and deeds, and much more.

To improve communication and target new demographics, Pigeon Collaboration can be used to:

  • Send instant messages
  • Initiate voice and video calls
  • Create church-specific groups
  • Publish posts, events, and notifications
  • Share faith-based literature, sermons, etc.
  • Raise funds for church initiative, and much more

With all of these customizable features within Pigeon Collaboration, you have the ability to maintain steady communication with your congregation and community on a much greater timeline than your weekly on-site service attendance. It can help maintain much more personal, close relationships while assisting with your members’ needs on a regular basis without requiring them to make in-person visits. With Pigeon Collaboration app, you have the ability to take your organization into the virtual community of the 21st century while still maintaining the faith-based priorities and values.

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