Top 5 Benefits of Alumni Networking Apps

The growth of communication technologies has paved the way for widespread usage of mobile apps in the corporate, manufacturing, logistics, education, and IT sectors among others. Most of these applications have been adopted to resolve the pain points for both the industry sector and their clientele.

Similarly, for regrouping former colleagues, friends, staff, and much more, alumni networking apps come into play with features that make networking memorable and exciting.Alumni networking apps offer much more than just meet-ups, they are more than one could ever imagine.
Lately, the art of organizing alumni meetings has been fading away and if this goes on then we are on the verge of becoming robots. Because only they don’t have emotions.

Although, an ideal alumni app designed exclusively for the folks from the corporate, universities, hospitals, clubs, NGOs, etc. is the need of the hour. With play stores flooded with apps, and mobile phones behaving like an extension of the users, it’s even more challenging to always stay relevant to constantly changing moods of the users.


However, alumni networking apps promise to provide a bulk of features for all sorts of users from professional to casual to alumni groups.

Here are the top 5 benefits of alumni networking apps

• Creates Oneness Among the Users

Have you ever done anything to keep your employees and/or students motivated? One should always take proper measures to encourage individuals in voluntary participation of alumni regroups. This gesture adds value to your institution/organization in the eyes of the individuals associated with it.

A robust communication hub like an alumni networking app in universities, corporate campuses, clubs, etc. will always keep everyone connected. A sense of oneness and uniformity in the minds of the people will be intact in spite of the contrasting world views, interests, goals and so on.

• Strengthens the Relationship between Employees, Students, and Alumni Batches

Alumni networking apps are much more than just a communication platform, they help in building a sacred, yet professional connection between the students-staff-alumni batches and employees-colleagues-alumni batches.

• Enhances Brand Visibility and Loyalty

In addition to alumni networking apps serving in organizing reunions, they also showcase the brand value of your institution/organization. Only when a person is connected with the brand, he/she will look forward to having a good relationship with the same.

The best way for any facility to establish brand loyalty among target groups is by establishing relevance, providing value, providing constant digital feedback, promoting the success of your employees/students, etc.

As all these are the challenges of the university/organization, alumni networking apps have additional features that can help in enhancing your brand image.

Additional Features

  • Alumni Fundraising
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Alumni Polls and Surveys

While alumni reunions need people to come up with one single agenda, polls and surveys will help them come with one well rounded agenda taking in the interests of all the stakeholders concerned.

Fundraising for a good cause is always a humane gesture and these apps provide you to raise funds without much physical effort.

• Collects Feedback Instantly and More Often

Most often communities fail to identify the power of regular surveys and go with annual or biennial surveys. These surveys send out a monstrous questionnaire which will obviously spoil the mood of the respondents.

With alumni networking apps, feedback can be extracted with the help of polls and surveys in real time and on regular seasonal intervals.


• These Apps Act as an Omni-Channel

Alumni networking apps are an Omni-channel that act as a vibrant hub for all the users. Be it crowd-sourcing of content, event management, one-on-one and/or group engagements, etc., these apps have an easy to use interface with a bulk of additional plug-ins that take you for a joyous ride on a digital platform.

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