Why Should Enterprises Opt for a Secure Communication Platform? Key Aspects Explained [Secure Communication System]

None can deny the ubiquity of the present communication wave we are riding as a result of innovations from Information & Communications Technology (ICT). People are more connected with each other, informed of latest developments around them, and are responsive to events that they can relate to.

In this mosaic milieu, it is important for enterprises to opt for a secure communication platform, thus ensuring privacy & reliability of data shared between stakeholders.

Enterprise Communication Tools

It is a given that Slack’s usage has been growing steadily in firms, supporting networking and collaboration between team members.
While one reason for its adoption has been that is comes free of charge up to a certain limit with respect to its features, the other reason being its engaging UI and option of creating multiple channels for instant messaging.

However, the data breach that occurred at Slack a few years earlier should make firms the importance of opting for a private and secure workplace collaboration tool, despite having to spend on this.

As part of its Office 365, Microsoft had launched Microsoft Teams for teams to interact, share files, and arrange meet-ups. However, this MS platform is also vulnerable to hacker attacks and IT infrastructure compromise.

With billions of people across the globe using existing social media for networking, the scare of identity theft fraud also looms large as big tech companies are more prone to cyber attacks.

Some of the other popular networking platforms include:

• WhatsApp
• Signal
• Facebook Workplace
• ChatWork
• Zoho Cliq

Within the networking segment, there are apps meant for business networking only as well. Some of these are:
• LinkedIn
• GroupMe
• Bizzabo
• Shapr

Secure Communication and Collaboration

In another latest lapse from one of the big tech companies, a Facebook security lapse exposed users’ contact data, wherein phone numbers of almost 400 million users where found in an open database.

While it is true that networking between peers has been made easy, it is important that users understand the significance of keeping their data private & secure, lest it is harvested and used for malicious purposes.

In close contrast to big tech companies offering their networking platforms, enterprises need to look at alternatives which promise a secure collaborative atmosphere.

Growth & Market Size of Secure Communication Apps

Forbes reported that businesses are looking ardently at deploying tools to protect their data and keep their information secure, and that this need paves the way for encrypted messaging apps, which are gradually gaining popularity.

Taken from the US geography, the above graph depicts the rise in spending over the last decade by enterprises towards cyber security measures.

As is evident from this data, the emergence and growth of tools which are secure & flexible, and at the same time easy to use can be attributed to shifts in communication technologies adopted by industries from varied verticals.

However, the pressing question remains – would you opt for a free networking platform at the cost of data theft or choose a secure & private which costs marginally?

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