Animal Recognition
Pigeon Attractions - Exhibit Spotlight
Captivate and enlighten your visitors! Build an emotional connection between them and the exhibits, thanks to an immersive storytelling made possible through AI powered exhibit recognition software.
Pigeon FaNgage
Become an expert in creating engaging and memorable experiences for fans, enabling them to share their emotions through smartphones or wearable devices whether they are at the venue or elsewhere.
Pigeon Attractions – Heat Maps
Influence spending, loyalty and revisitation through tracking crowd flows. Understand the behavior of your guests at various times and identify areas of high & low footfalls.
Pigeon FaNgage
Keep fans updated of their preferred teams and players performance in every match, and allow them to compare with the stats of other players and teams within a tournament or league.
Pigeon Fandome
Reward fans for their loyalty by providing them discounts, vouchers, cashback, rewards, and access to exclusive offers such as personalized events for signing of a T-shirt, or an opportunity to meet them in person.
Pigeon Collaboration
Create a dedicated social or professional media platform for your organization, allowing your brand to engage with what’s most important to you.
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