Attraction’s real-time location tracking technology enables location based services for Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, Galleries, Theme Parks, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, and museums to name a few. With Attraction’s, indoor positioning, indoor navigation, and facility management are made simple and easy!

Interactive Wayfinding

Directing your guests from point A to B has never been so easy, with directions at their fingertips. Clicking on their starting point and destination helps them discover the easiest journey possible across your large location, even with multiple buildings, stops, or turns included.


Offline Maps

No Wi-Fi? No phone data? No worries! Pigeon Attractions is designed from the ground up to work offline. Maps and navigation data are downloaded and cached after the initial load so that your guests do not worry about connectivity while enjoying their visit, easily navigating your location at all times.

Heat Maps

Understand guest behavior and activities with interactive heat maps. Visualize guest flows across your site at various times and locate the highest and lowest footfall areas. This can also help boost your ROI by helping marketers influence spending, loyalty, and revisitation in their efforts.

In app Messaging

With Pigeon Attractions you can influence guests while they are on your site interacting with your app. With push notifications and in-app messages, you can send the right message to the right users, always at the right time. This includes offers and promotions for sales closest to their current location.

Admin Panel for Content Management

Manage your app’s content in real time with the Pigeon Attractions intuitive admin panel. With your immediate need to update content, access your app and update content with the ability to push updates live in real time, providing guests with updated information at all times.


Your marketing team does their research and work for a reason, and it can have a huge impact here in your Pigeon Attractions app. Build custom user segments and target your visitors based on demographics, on-site activities, current location, and even dwell time.

Food Ordering

Even more lines that waste your guests’ time include those at food stations throughout your site. They can save a lot of time with Mobile Food Ordering by placing their orders from anywhere and skipping the lines to pick up orders as soon as they are ready. This helps all guests and staff save time wasted in long wait lines for their food, freeing up their days for more efficient fun and functionality!

Planning your Trip

All visitors to your site can plan their day in detail through your app in advance of their arrival. They can navigate through your app and search out their preferences and gain suggested spots for their visit, helping them choose all the stops for their day. All your visitors’ attendance can be much more organized and integrated by using the Planner available through your app.

Interactive Map

Your interactive map shows to visitors and staff their current location and what’s nearby. This feature includes indoor and outdoor navigation with visual routes to all locations around your site between many buildings. It also provides GPS-like instructions and intuitive gestures to assist directions from one location to the next.

Wallet for your Ticket/Pass

No matter whether it’s a ticket or pass ordered ahead of time, or a bill paid after their visit, your guests benefit from Mobile Wallet. Provide your guests with digital and secure transactions and documents with a convenient wallet right there in your app. They can have a ticket available when they arrive for immediate entrance, and the ease of paying a bill digitally as soon as it arrives later. Digital payments provide reduced friction at all stages of their visit.


Data drives decisions that move your business forward. And with productivity and engagement on the line, your digital workplace is no exception. With Pigeon Attraction, you can access actionable insights about user engagement and content performance to help identify areas for improvement and plan out your next steps.


By sharing a lot of communication and data through your broad network, security comes to a greater risk. With more external connections possibly accessing your network data as it passes back and forth through an increased digital workplace, security and data encryption offer much greater protection.

Ride Updates

Long wait times can be frustrating for all guests, especially for a ride that may only take a few minutes of their day. They could be exploring and enjoying many other features of your attraction while your app can provide them real-time updates on the status of the rides they want to enjoy without the long lines. Live Ride Updates offer them notifications and queues of their desired rides and the availability without boring lines that waste their time!

Exhibit Spotlight

Exhibit Spotlight can be used to educate visitors and keep them engaged with the exhibits delivering an immersive experience while buying more time to increase your revenue.

Cross-Platform Map Experience

Pigeon Attractions interactive map is available for mobile, web, and kiosk. Yor organization can integrate our prebuilt software with your app or use our user-friendly platform and hardware-free positioning technology to provide a state of art solution for your guests.

Increase your Revenue

Enhancing visitor experience through an app and going paperless has already been proven to boost ROI, but giving Zoos and Aquariums marketers more influence over spending, loyalty and revisitation can tremendously increase company’s revenue.

Automatic Updates

No matter when you need to update your mobile app it can be done seamlessly in the background. Simply use the admin panel to launch app updates and your users will receive them in real time, all with minimal data use

White Labeling

Attractions is completely customizable and easy-to-use. You can customize colors, logos, and cover photos to fit your brand. You can even select the statistics and sections that you think should be visible to your customers. 

Feedback, Polls and Surveys

Receive guest feedback on their satisfaction and concerns daily. Prioritize your business initiatives in real-time with all guest issues and launch areas of improvement as soon as they are needed.

Immersive Experience

Visitor experiences are constantly changing and growing as they demand more interaction, emotion, and engagement with the exhibits.


Multi-Lingual Support

With Pigeon Attractions you can offer support for multiple languages with the automated configuration to update the app to match the user’s device language.

Go Paperless!

Attractions helps the organization go paperless, making things environmentally friendly.

Interactive Wayfinding

Directing your guests from point A to B has never been so easy, with directions at their fingertips. Clicking on their starting point and destination helps them discover the easiest journey possible across your large location, even with multiple buildings, stops, or turns included.