Analytics on Pigeon Collaboration

Data drives decisions that move your business forward. And with productivity and engagement on the line, your digital workplace is no exception. With Pigeon Collaboration Analytics, you can access actionable insights about user engagement and content performance to help identify areas for improvement and plan out your next steps.

With Pigeon Collaboration Analytics, many different data collections can be completed right there from your customers’ engagement with your app. These include:

Each of these data have a key factor in helping you determine user activity on your website and help decide what your business is doing well and what could improve. Search analytics can help you find everything from most-searched keywords to total searches, unique search users, average time to find results, success results, failure results, and comprehensive reports. Search analytics can provide comprehensive data for your app and business to your team to help determine how your business meets the needs of your customers and visitors, what they are searching for, and more!

Beyond all of this Pigeon Collaboration Analytics you also have the ability to collect data on all customers’ engagement with your posts, news, notifications, and other information shared through your app. Your team can remain up to date on all the most valuable pieces of your busines as well as the areas that could use improvement with Pigeon Collaboration Analytics helping to provide details on what you can provide to help meet your customers’ further needs.

If you would like to learn more about how Pigeon Collaboration Analytics can help collect data for the advancement of your business, contact us to request a demo!