Broadcast Messaging on Pigeon Tech

Starting with the ability to broadcast messages through FaNgage to anyone and everyone in your organization, there is much more communication available well beyond. With the need to connect throughout your organization and extend fan engagement, FaNgage allows you to message those within your organization as well as the fans who follow your team and players through the app. By the social media-like platform and messaging available all throughout FaNgage, you have a great deal of connection and communication available to help enhance the engagement of your existing fans while also helping to increase your fan base with the ease of sharing team, player, and other organization information publicly.

With the use of Pigeon Broadcast Messaging right there inside the FaNgage app, you can easily connect within your organization and also to your fans and other followers within the app. 

Many functions are available including various internal and external messaging functions:

With all of these features together, Pigeon Broadcast Messaging provides easy communication and connection to your entire community: managers, coaches, athletes, fans, family, etc. Everyone can interact and easily communicate with your organization to address questions they have about schedule, players, and any other events, news or other information around all the FaNgage features integrated together. If you would like to test how these features work, contact us today to request a demo.