Cheering on Pigeon Tech

Fan engagement helps fans to cheer for their teams and players in a full-stadium atmosphere while watching events from the safety of their home. With FaNgage, Pigeon Tech captures fans emotions through mobile and wearable devices allowing them to cheer, chant, clap, and boo for their favorite teams and players. Even though stadiums are no longer empty as they were during the fear of COVID, fans can still engage with their passionate emotions for their favorite teams and players in real time while watching events.

When it comes to having fun and keeping your fans engaged, we’re the experts! FaNgage helps your fans celebrate wins and memorable experiences by capturing their heart rate. The platform allows fans to share their emotions by presenting it for everyone through live cheer scores in stadiums, arenas, etc. Even more, with FaNgage, the increase of their loyalty and retention can help your organization for the long-term. Even more, as your fans engage through your app, you collect data through many beneficial FaNgage features including:

With a massive increase in mobile device use, fans are on their phones for information about games, players, and teams quite often. FaNgage can connect with your fans to keep them updated about your sport and brand. The communities where they can connect with each other also provide quality team and player information for fans, improving their engagement and experience during live events and for news at all times.

With FaNgage fans can see highlights of every single moment of your events with real-time updates based on other fans’ reactions and posts placed within the app. This way, they could see what was happening simultaneously at all times, engaging with more than just the TV screen in their home or the few people sitting around them who may not be fans of the same manner.