Collaborative Channels on Pigeon Collaboration

One of the key issues among work teams today is the engagement and interaction of employees. This often occurs when communication stops running through the available channels that are currently in place. Communication can be an overwhelming task for employees, especially when it has to take place with superiors. So, applications that overcome those roadblocks in interaction can definitely help increase teamwork within your group.

Today, Pigeon Collaboration offers a number of Collaborative Channels to help increase many options for comfortable communication between team members at all seniority levels, encouraging employees to share knowledge and talk to each other increasing employee engagement and improving its productivity.

By using Collaborative Channels like these, your employees can share posts and send instant messages much in the same fashion as on social media platforms. They would be able to set up notifications and calendars in the same way they would for events being tracked online for which they would like to be made aware. This can help everyone stay current with company news and activities.

Collaborative Channels within Pigeon Collaboration include:

With all of these functions together, Pigeon Collaboration helps your employees easily communicate and collaborate with all their applications integrated together. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.