Communication with Pigeon Tech Collaboration

Does time away from communication and conversation create a gap in your team productivity and efficiency? For that reason, Pigeon Collaboration is an immediate and interactive to your company’s communication issues much more advanced than the email and messaging apps sitting on your computer desktops. With Pigeon Collaboration you have immediate access to hands-on communication with your teammates any time of the day, when any announcement, notification, update, question, concern, or information of any kind needs to be sent out.

Never wait to return to your desk to push out the latest and greatest company news and updates. Notifications can meet your entire team and clientele through your Pigeon Collaboration dashboard at any time of the day or night. Simply pick up your phone and reach out as quickly as you would with a text message or social media while the words are on the tip of your tongue and keep all your communications up to date.

Without letting your important messages get lost in the mix of an overnight tussle, there is a lot to gain from having Pigeon Collaboration at your fingertips right there on your phone. As the perfect solution to all the gaps in your company communication, Pigeon Collaboration can help you improve employee integration in many ways including:

Even better, with all these communications, you can integrate Pigeon Collaboration with the other programs and apps used by your team on a daily basis.

With all this communication together, you have a great deal of connection available both internally and externally. If you would like to test the benefits of these functions, contact us today to request a demo.