Create a People Directory

There have likely been breaks in your business community between on-site and remote employees. It can happen easily with challenges to communication and collaboration between team members who don’t see each other on a regular basis. Rebuilding these channels can take some work and a great amount of effort. Luckily, Pigeon Collaboration is standing in your corner to help ensure things start to work for you again.

With Pigeon Collaboration there is a lot to access within the digital People Directory. Inside this directory there is a great deal of profile access to build communication and connection among your team. Even further collaboration within your employees can be completed with all of the following actions available inside the People Directory:

Enhance the networking and business connections among your employees to help deepen teamwork throughout all your colleagues who work together. With the ability to contact and communicate together throughout this directory all employees can smooth the workflow, meet efficiently and effectively, and remain within the updated company network communication.

With enhanced networking and communication among all the people throughout your team, inside and outside the workplace, you can search in seconds. You have access to chat starting from a profile card to booking meetings, scheduling events, and much more. To see more about how Pigeon Collaboration’s People Directory could benefit your business, contact us today to request a demo.