Culture and Engagement on Pigeon Collaboration

Without regular employee interaction or engagement productivity is easily reduced. It is helpful to keep your employees engaged with one another to keep your company’s workflow productive and moving forward actively. While many employees have taken on hybrid or remote roles at this time, employee engagement is limited along with their awareness of company culture and news.

With Pigeon Collaboration there is great ability to enhance employee engagement and help everyone maintain up to date knowledge of company culture and news.

Many culture and engagement functions available within Pigeon Collaboration include:

Within the various areas, group meetings can be held, notifications can be posted for company updates and news, training can be held, and social integration can take place. The workplace can remain engaging and interactive even with the hybrid and remote employee roles that exist all throughout your team. Everyone has the ability to stay updated with the company culture and news as time passes along, and no one will fall behind on their workflow with the applications right there integrated together.

At Pigeon-Tech we pride ourselves on working for the growth and development of your business. If you would like to see how Pigeon Collaboration can help enhance the culture and engagement of your workplace and employees, contact us today to request a demo.