Fan Engagement on Pigeon Tech

With FaNgage’s platform, sports fans can now customize their experiences. We provide an innovative way for fans to interact, share emotions and cheer on their favorite players live. Considering all of fans’ voluntary interactions with the team, their engagement with your organization can add value to the team, both directly through sales of products and tickets and also indirectly through recommendations and many other things. Also, with an emotional connection to the team and other positive thoughts, fans are engaged with transactional and non-transactional behaviors. Transactional engagement includes purchases around the attendance of live games, season tickets, annual memberships, and memorabilia.

With FaNgage, your fan’s engaging experiences can include non-transactional behaviors outside of direct purchases while still increasing the fan base of your organization. Your fans’ engagement follows your team and players through media, interacts with other fans online, and follows the best stories of the team. Fan engagement in your app also leads them to further interaction like volunteering for your organization events and other help of your business with sharing your information with others through the social media interaction. With the following FaNgage features, you can engage with your fans:

With all of these features, you can engage with fans on non-event days and consistently off-site. With their engagement in FaNgage this is a great way for fans to be excited about your organization at all times. With all of this custom information and communication, unique experience and special offers are available to help connect with your fans and keep them coming back to your app for more. Continually engaging your fans through FaNgage, you can also bring your like-minded fans together at all times and encourage them to share their experiences at your events while also attracting new fans and increasing fan loyalty in the long run.