Pigeon Connect on Pigeon Collaboration

Do you have limitations when connecting to outside partners, clients, vendors, and others inside your company’s network? Maybe it’s even challenging to have streamlined or easy communication with those outside members. The breaks and challenges in communication flow may interrupt your workflows, processes, and standards at times as well. So, the ability to smooth out your communication connections can be very helpful with the integration of your outside contacts right there into your network.

With the use of Pigeon Connect right there inside the Collaboration app, you have the ability to much more easily connect to outside contacts within your network. Many functions are available including messaging, calls, meetings, and more.

Pigeon Connect will be able to link to various other features as well:

With all of these features together, Pigeon Collaboration helps your employees easily communicate and collaborate with all their applications integrated together. If you would like to test how these features work, contact us today to request a demo.