Scheduling on Pigeon Tech

With FaNgage you can schedule games for your league, team, club, tournament, or other organization and regularly update as you need to do so. Every time you add a game or other update to your schedule, all your players will be able to see the details as soon as it is added. Even more, if you edit your schedules for any changes that have to be made, you can have notifications sent out to all your essential organization members to ensure that everyone who needs to remain up to date of your schedule will always have the latest information.

To continually keep your organization schedule updated, you can easily add events to your schedule in seconds by selecting the teams, venue, date, and time and quickly add a game to your schedule. You can also quickly delete or edit events from your schedule as needed to continuously update your schedules. Given the easy communication functions of Pigeon Suite App, with the continuous updates of your schedules, automatic notifications to your players, employees, fans, followers, and others can help keep everyone included in your FaNgage App up to date with the latest version of your schedule.

Some of the beneficial features of Pigeon FaNgage Scheduling include:

Along with the specific updates to your schedule that can be managed regularly, you can also keep your FaNgage schedules connected to your other team and player custom profiles and other fan engagement communication features. To see how these features work, contact us today to request a demo.