Indoor Positioning Systems Trends in 2019 and Beyond [Navigation & Location Tracking Technologies]

The emergence and growth of Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) owes a great deal to the evolution of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Beacons, Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), Ultra wide-band (UWB), and to some extent magnetic positioning.

In this post we explore the trends in technology, applicability, and consumption, that will shape the indoor positioning industry, including navigation and location tracking technologies, in 2019 and beyond.

Indoor Positioning Systems Trends

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Indoor Positioning Systems in 2019 – Technological Developments

Informally referred to as ‘indoor gps’, IPS is a tech platform which uses multiple technologies based on either radio frequencies, extended to ultra wide-band (UWB), magnetic waves, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals among others. As Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite-based communication work efficiently outdoors only for positioning, navigation and tracking, a tech platform for these purposes helps users identify, locate and track assets within a large facility such as a healthcare center, a museum, an office space, a shopping mall or a theme park.

Navigation Tech

We have become quite familiar with GPS navigation on our Smartphones as we use it regularly to locate and navigate to points of interest in a new town or city. As maps get more elaborative by providing local information and services apart from navigational directions, navigation platforms within large facilities has also evolved.

Indoor positioning technology

– We are moving from viewing 2D navigation map to 3D user-interfaces. This trend is sure to stay beyond 2019 ad 3D gives a more accurate picture of the facility. Imagine viewing the layout of an aquarium in 3D and then navigating precisely to the marine life you want to explore? A  simulated experience of the facility will add immensely to the overall experience of the visitor.

– Location bookmarking for frequently used routes is set to gain popularity among users as most frequented routes can be highlighted for smoother navigation and access to points of interest.

– Voice commands will be a major trend going forward as users prefer a hands-free engagement with the Smartphone while navigating. Use of voice commands to the mobile device is safer as well!

Indoor Location Tracking Technology

Location Tracking Tech

In huge indoor facilities such as resorts and theme parks, keeping track of movable and immovable assets needs real-time tracking updates. Using Wi-Fi, UWB, RFID or Beacons facility heads can locate and track itemized assets, aiding in optimal facility management.

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Application Interface and Usability

Graphics and user interface development software have been evolving phenomenally and thanks to this trend, we use both mobile and web applications which are highly intuitive and breezy to use.

The first half of 2019 and beyond will surely witness the rise of high quality layouts, color schemes, animations, etc. for indoor positioning, navigation and location tracking technologies.

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