Revolutionize the Game Day Experience for Today's Tech-Savvy Fans!
In today’s digital age, fans expect a seamless and interactive stadium experience. The Pigeon-Tech mobile app equips you with the tools to elevate fan engagement, boost revenue, and transform game days into unforgettable memories.
  • Virtual Seat Selection and Views: Empower fans to choose the perfect seats before they arrive with 360-degree virtual tours and realistic sightline simulations.
  • Effortless Wayfinding: Guide fans effortlessly through your stadium with interactive maps, turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time location updates.
  • Fast & Convenient Food Ordering: Reduce concession stand lines and boost sales by allowing fans to order food and beverages directly from their phones for pickup or delivery to their seats.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights into fan traffic patterns with heat maps to optimize concession stand locations, restroom facilities, and merchandise booths.
  • Understand Your Audience: Uncover valuable data on fan demographics, preferences, and behavior with anonymized visitor insights. Use this knowledge to personalize future promotions and offerings.
  • Powerful Admin Panel: Manage your app content, promotions, and push notifications in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard. 
  • Direct Fan Feedback: Gather valuable feedback directly from fans to continuously improve their stadium experience and build stronger loyalty.


Elevate Your Resort Experience with the Pigeon-Tech Mobile Concierge

Today’s travelers crave a seamless, personalized vacation experience. The Pigeon-Tech Mobile Concierge app equips your resort to deliver exactly that, transforming guest stays into stress-free escapes filled with unforgettable moments.

  • Mobile Concierge App: Place the power of a dedicated concierge in your guests’ pockets. Guests can access information, request services, and manage their itinerary – all from their phones.
  • Personalized Itinerary Planning: Empower guests to curate their ideal vacation with the app’s itinerary builder. Guests can schedule activities, make restaurant reservations, and plan spa treatments – all within the app.
  • Immersive Virtual Tours: Showcase your resort’s beauty and amenities with captivating virtual tours. Guests can explore rooms, restaurants, and pools before they arrive, fostering excitement and informed decision-making.
  • Contactless Check-in and Check-out: Offer a frictionless arrival and departure experience with contactless check-in and check-out options through the app. Reduce wait times and enhance guest convenience. 
  • On-demand Services: Allow guests to order room service, request housekeeping, or schedule in-room spa treatments – all with a few taps on their phone.
  • Activity Scheduling and Reminders: Ensure guests never miss a beat with the app’s activity scheduling and reminder feature. Guests can book activities, receive push notifications, and stay on top of their personalized vacation plans.
  • Real-time Resort Information: Provide guests with up-to-date information on resort amenities, restaurant menus, pool hours, and entertainment schedules – all accessible within the app. 


Transform Your Airport into a Seamless Travel Hub with the Pigeon-Tech Mobile App

Today’s air travelers demand a stress-free and efficient airport experience. The Pigeon-Tech mobile app equips your airport with the tools to empower passengers, streamline operations, and navigate the complexities of modern air travel with confidence.

  • Enhanced Visitor Services Integration: Seamlessly integrate your existing visitor services – concessions, lounges, currency exchange – within the app, allowing passengers to access real-time information and make informed decisions.
  • Interactive Terminal Maps: Guide passengers effortlessly through your terminal with interactive, user-friendly maps. Utilize features like turn-by-turn navigation, point-of-interest identification, and real-time updates to gate locations and amenities.
  • Real-time Parking Availability: Empower passengers to find parking quickly and efficiently with real-time parking availability displayed within the app. Reduce traffic congestion and enhance the overall travel experience.
  • Local Area Guide: Become a one-stop-shop for travel information by offering an integrated local area guide within the app. Provide passengers with details on nearby restaurants, hotels, attractions, and transportation options.
  • Airport Services Directory: Simplify information access for passengers with a comprehensive airport services directory within the app. List everything from security checkpoints and baggage claim locations to currency exchange and children’s play areas.
  • Travel Tips and Alerts: Provide valuable travel tips and real-time alerts directly to passengers through the app. Keep them informed about potential delays, gate changes, and important travel advisories. 

Outside Parks

Deepen Your Park Connection with the Pigeon-Tech Mobile App

Today’s park visitors crave a deeper connection with nature and a more engaging exploration experience. The Pigeon-Tech mobile app equips your park with the tools to empower visitors, enhance their exploration, and cultivate a sense of environmental responsibility.

  • Trail Maps and Guides: Transform your park into an interactive wonderland with detailed trail maps and GPS-enabled navigation. Offer curated guides with points of interest, difficulty ratings, and estimated completion times.
  • Park Amenities Directory: Help visitors discover all your park has to offer with a comprehensive park amenities directory. Showcase everything from restrooms and picnic areas to playgrounds, dog parks, and boat launch locations.
  • Event Calendar: Stay connected with your park community by offering an integrated event calendar within the app. Promote ranger-led hikes, educational programs, and special events, ensuring visitors never miss a park experience.
  • Wildlife and Plant Identification: Spark curiosity and foster environmental awareness with an interactive wildlife and plant identification guide. Allow visitors to learn about local species through high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
  • Safety Tips and Guidelines: Prioritize visitor safety by providing essential park safety tips and guidelines within the app. Cover topics like weather preparedness, sun protection, wildlife encounters, and proper waste disposal.
  • Park History and Cultural Significance: Enrich the visitor experience by showcasing your park’s unique history and cultural significance. Offer historical information, interactive exhibits, and educational content about the park’s natural and cultural heritage.
  • Visitor Feedback and Reviews: Gain valuable insights and foster a sense of community by collecting visitor feedback and reviews through the app. Encourage visitors to share their experiences, suggest improvements, and connect with other park enthusiasts. 

Health Care

Streamline the Patient Experience with the Pigeon-Tech Healthcare App

In today’s healthcare landscape, patient experience is paramount. The Pigeon-Tech mobile app equips your healthcare institution with the tools to empower patients, streamline communication, and optimize the entire healthcare experience, leading to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Doctor Directory: Empower patients to find the right healthcare provider with a comprehensive and easily searchable doctor directory within the app. Include physician specialties, qualifications, and contact information. 
  • Appointment Booking System: Reduce wait times and enhance convenience by offering an integrated appointment booking system within the app. Patients can schedule appointments, manage cancellations, and receive confirmation notifications – all at their fingertips. 
  • Healthcare Services Overview: Provide patients with a clear understanding of the healthcare services offered at your institution through a user-friendly overview section within the app. Showcase departments, specialties, and available treatments. 
  • Health Tips and Resources: Promote patient wellness and empower informed decision-making by offering a library of valuable health tips and resources within the app. Cover topics like healthy living, disease prevention, and treatment options.
  • Patient Education Materials: Enhance patient understanding and post-treatment care with downloadable educational materials accessible through the app. Provide information on medications, procedures, and rehabilitation exercises.
  • Physician and Patient Testimonials: Build trust and credibility by showcasing positive testimonials from physicians and patients within the app. Allow patients to learn about the experiences of others and feel confident in choosing your healthcare institution.
  • Virtual Tour of Facilities: Reduce patient anxiety and enhance familiarity with a virtual tour of your healthcare facility accessible within the app. Showcase waiting areas, treatment rooms, and key departments for a more comfortable patient experience. 

Educational Institutions

Empower Your Campus Community with the Pigeon-Tech Mobile App

In today’s dynamic learning environment, educational institutions need to prioritize efficient communication, a seamless user experience, and a strong sense of community. The Pigeon-Tech mobile app equips your campus with the tools to empower students, faculty, staff, and visitors, fostering a connected and engaged learning environment.

  • Programs and Courses Catalog: Provide students with easy access to a comprehensive and searchable course catalog within the app. Include program descriptions, course schedules, and faculty information for informed decision-making. 
  • Admissions Information: Simplify the admissions process and attract prospective students with a dedicated admissions information section within the app. Offer details on application procedures, deadlines, financial aid options, and campus life. 
  • Virtual Campus Tour: Showcase your campus and facilities with a captivating virtual tour accessible within the app. Engage prospective students and visitors with immersive experiences, highlighting classrooms, dorms, and key campus attractions. 
  • Faculty and Staff Directory: Facilitate communication and enhance collaboration with a user-friendly faculty and staff directory within the app. Include contact information, photos, and areas of expertise for easy accessibility. 
  • Student Life and Activities: Connect students with campus life and extracurricular activities through a dedicated section within the app. Promote clubs, events, sports teams, and student support services, fostering a vibrant campus community. 
  • Blog or News Section: Keep your campus community informed with a dynamic blog or news section within the app. Share announcements, upcoming events, faculty achievements, and student success stories.
  • Testimonials and Alumni Stories: Showcase the value of your institution by featuring positive testimonials and inspiring stories from alumni within the app. Attract prospective students and build a strong sense of school pride. 


"Collaborations" Feature by Pigeon-Tech: Power Partnerships Across Industries

Boost visitor engagement & streamline operations with Pigeon-Tech’s “Collaborations” app feature! Manage projects & partnerships for a richer customer experience in any industry.

  • Seamless Partner Management: Connect & collaborate with vendors, sponsors, or event organizers in a centralized platform. Streamline communication & task management for joint projects across industries. Securely share documents & track progress for improved partnership outcomes.
  • Enhanced Visitor Engagement Tools: Integrate content & experiences created through collaborations (e.g., stadium tours, airport scavenger hunts). Leverage partner reach for wider promotion & visitor attraction. Encourage social sharing & feedback based on collaborative initiatives.
  • Industry-Specific Collaboration Features: Access features tailored to your industry needs (e.g., healthcare: patient case management, education: joint research projects). Automate workflows & simplify collaboration processes specific to your industry. Gain valuable insights & improve future collaborations based on industry-specific data.
  • Real-Time Communication & Feedback: Foster stronger relationships with partners through instant messaging & video conferencing. Gather real-time feedback from visitors & partners to improve offerings continuously. Ensure everyone stays informed & on the same page for successful collaborations.

Join Our Community: Pigeon Collaboration is more than a platform; it’s a community builder, a story enabler, and a growth catalyst. Powered by the latest in AI, ML, and IoT, our solutions are crafted to bring people closer, enhancing the way industries operate. Welcome to Pigeon Collaboration, where every interaction is an opportunity to create, connect, and excel.

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