Attractions (Zoos and wildlife Parks, Aquariums, Museums, Theme parks, heritage, and culture attractions)
Engage visitors by creating chemistry, building loyalty and by delivering the perfect customer experience to them. Visitor experiences are constantly evolving, and they demand more interaction, emotion, and engagement with exhibits. Pigeon Collaboration is a great digital tool because it evaluates guests’ needs to deliver not only the basic functionalities, but also an immersive experience. Thus, Pigeon Collaboration can help deliver immersive experience, attract diverse audiences, and increase visitor engagement, interaction, and loyalty.
Engage members by delivering to them a complete platform where they can stay connected and see current statistics, standings and rankings – among other things. Further, the organization can set up leagues, tournaments, and schedule games. Fans and players can communicate via group and private chats. Messaging ensures that your sports league, club, or tournament is always connected. Pigeon Collaboration can help deliver an immersive experience, attract a diverse audience, and increase visitor engagement, interaction, and loyalty.
Educational Institutions
Ensuring secure and steady communication is quintessential for all educational institutions. Pigeon Collaboration is designed to meet these requirements. Pigeon Collaboration functions as a communication and networking platform for educational institutions – ensuring secure, steady collaboration among affiliates of the institution. The product’s core features include the ability to create individual profiles and groups, instant messaging, sharing news and updates, conducting polls and surveys, among other things. Additionally, Pigeon Collaboration’s learning platform enables access to courseware and plug-ins for alumni to raise funds.
Clubs & Associations

Pigeon Collaboration is a 360° networking platform for collaboration among members of clubs & associations. It is a holistic networking platform for members of special interest groups to create profiles, exchange messages, participate in groups, and engage with one another.
Additional plug-ins for fundraising can be added making it a platform for events organization, planning conventions and meet ups.

Pigeon Collaborate is a composite platform for corporations – from collaboration on a daily basis to scheduling town halls and event showcases. Built as a corporate communication and interaction tool, Pigeon Collaboration is a platform that goes beyond existing social and professional networking sites allowing users to communicate individually as well as in groups, while keeping information private and secure.
Chamber of Commerce
Associates of business communities often seek a secure, easy to sort through tech platform for networking and enhancing their ties – Pigeon Collaboration is perfect in that scenario. It is a collaboration and networking application for the business community with customized features on an easy-to-sort-through interface. Pigeon Collaboration, an enterprise networking platform for Chambers of Commerce community, allows users to create groups, post updates, and send messages. Additional plug-ins for fundraising can be added to manage membership related processes.

Pigeon Collaboration is a communication platform built for hospitals because it is designed to have multiple features for members of a healthcare organization to network and collaborate effortlessly.
Users affiliated to hospitals can create profiles, manage multiple groups, interact through posts, chats, and gain an overview of their activity through a personalized dashboard. Additional plug-in enables the hospital network to manage fundraising projects.
Pigeon Collaboration provides multiple features on a single, user-friendly interface making it the perfect hospital collaboration software.