Looking For a Unified Communication Platform? 5 Core Aspects Explained [Enterprise Networking and Collaboration]

Enterprises looking to adopt a secure, robust, and responsive networking solution need to think beyond existing social and professional sites. To ensure seamless communication between affiliates of a network, it is imperative to deploy a unified communication platform. In this context, this post aims to explain the 5 core aspects of an enterprise networking and collaboration solution. 1. A Composite Unified Communication System Before we explore our first aspect of what a composite unified communication system offers, let’s look at a few features of existing communication platforms. • Instant Messaging • File Sharing • Status Updates • Notifications • Group

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Top 5 Benefits of Alumni Networking Apps

The growth of communication technologies has paved the way for widespread usage of mobile apps in the corporate, manufacturing, logistics, education, and IT sectors among others. Most of these applications have been adopted to resolve the pain points for both the industry sector and their clientele. Similarly, for regrouping former colleagues, friends, staff, and much more, alumni networking apps come into play with features that make networking memorable and exciting.Alumni networking apps offer much more than just meet-ups, they are more than one could ever imagine. Lately, the art of organizing alumni meetings has been fading away and if this

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Why an Enterprise Networking Platform Is the Key to Enhance Employee Engagement [Networking Software]

Productivity of an organization correlates to employee engagement. Let’s see how improved employee engagement results in better profits for the organization. There are statistics that back the above stated relationship between organizational productivity and the way employees interact with each other. Enhancing employee engagement needs the support of an enterprise networking platform loaded with exciting features. While employee engagement is a concern across the globe today, many management professionals believe that a robust networking software can delight the employees, and enhance their commitment towards the tasks at hand. Enterprise Networking Platform (ENP) For Employee Engagement Recently, Microsoft acknowledged the importance

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