Unlock Deals & Upgrades for Your Park

Targeted Promotions

Deliver personalized deals & discounts to boost sales & park engagement.

Exclusive Upgrades

Offer express passes, VIP experiences & unique add-ons to increase revenue.

Real-Time Notifications

Alert visitors to limited-time offers & encourage impulse purchases.

Seamless Transactions

Facilitate in-app purchases for upgrades & eliminate wait times at kiosks.

How Pigeon Tech's Offers & Upgrades App Benefits Theme & Water Parks

Pigeon-Tech Attractions not only redefines how visitors interact with your exhibits but also transforms the overall museum visit into a more intuitive, engaging and accessible experience. Are you ready to revolutionize the way visitors explore and enjoy your museum? Join us on this transformative journey.

Increased Revenue

Targeted promotions & upgrades drive sales and boost profitability.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Exclusive offers and add-ons create a more memorable visit for guests.

Improved Park Operations

Reduce wait times & streamline transactions with in-app purchases.

Valuable Guest Insights

Data on popular upgrades informs future park offerings and promotions.

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