Indoor Navigation For Large Facilities – A Primer

Providing best services and facilities to visitors in large facilities is not just a question of choice for facility administrators. With visitors being aware of what indoor navigation technology is capable and the benefits it offers, the demand for flexible and omnipotent services is the growing demand for visitors at large facilities.

The fact that this technology can be an ‘all in one technology’ which enables locating people, objects, assets, etc. inside a large building, it can also provide additional benefits for all stakeholders within the venue.

Many industries such as airports, shopping malls, convention centers, and resorts among others have extracted multiple benefits with the help of this technology on the present day. This has become the epitome for visitor engagement and enhanced the way businesses takes place in large facilities.

Technologies Used for Indoor Navigation

The common notion among people on this technology is that it helps locate destinations indoors, however, how this process takes place in real-time is the question.

It is recorded by the analysts at PR Newswire that in the coming years the growth of indoor navigation market is going to rise up to 36.5%, making it a multi-million dollar industry.

This technically means that now is the ideal time for all the large facility owners to invest in this technology for optimal facility management of the venue, resulting in a healthy bottom-line.

There are many technologies that are being used depending on the demographics of the geographical space. Listed here are the most common among all:

  • WiFi-Based Systems
  • Ultra Wide-band Systems
  • Infrared Systems
  • Proximity-based Systems
  • Acoustic Systems

Large Facilities Navigation Solution

Large facilities serve a diverse and large number of people at once and adhering to all of them is the biggest challenge. The smartest way to deal with it is to provide the most common yet effective service such as this technology.

However, there are certain challenges faced by large facility management while associating with it such as:

  • Integrating Specific Features
  • Providing User-Friendly Interface
  • One Technology for all the Challenges
  • Targeting and Monitoring Visitors

Surveys say that the impact of this solution in large facilities in the recent past has been exceptional. Simultaneously, the importance of the same has been ignored just because of the prejudice that it can only be handy for navigation.

Read this blog post to know the multiple benefits of indoor navigation solutions.

The Diverse Gains from Indoor Navigation

Indoor Wayfinding

The peculiarity indoor wayfinding brings to your venue is simple yet very effective. With this feature, exploring a venue which has multiple floors can be seamlessly accurate and precise. Furthermore, real-time navigation within the whole building including the staircases, elevators, departments, etc. becomes an effortless task.

Updates in the venue will also be updated on a constant basis, making the visitors have an exciting time at the venue.

Indoor Location Tracking

The impact of indoor location tracking is effective for both management and the visitors both in all sorts of large venues. However, it is up to the providers to unleash the power of indoor location tracking by enabling the feature to the users of the app.

With an increasing number of people investing in indoor navigation apps today, predictions are on a high for indoor tracking apps. However, the expectations of the performance of these apps are also on rise with expecting highly efficient apps, ready to combat challenges ones, and streamlined business strategy apps as well.

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