Can Indoor Positioning and Navigation Technology Enhance Visitor Experience in Stadiums?

Stadiums have a complex environment with varied areas of security, tiered accesses for the spectators, talent, staff, and others and multiple services of different kinds and etc. These lists of services make it a hectic place more than enjoying the stadium environment. Can indoor positioning and navigation technology enhance the visitor experience in stadiums?

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Too Many Challenges but One Solution- Indoor Positioning and Navigation Technology

Even after huge patronage’s, stadiums today are still unable to serve the crowds with upgraded technology for better visitor experience.

  • Technology that can take the visitor to interested places within the venue,
  • Technology that can give updates on the upcoming events within the venue.
  • Technology that can give safety tips in emergency situations and
  • Most importantly, technology that can navigate the visitor point to point.

Stadiums need to be full of life both physically and digitally to personally engage the new age visitors. Failing to do so, visitors will have another reason to get on their sofas and have stadium experience in 50-inch flat LED screens from their homes.

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Technology that can enrich spectatorship in stadiums is the Key

Location Tracking Technology:

There are plenty of uses with location-tracking technology especially in large venues like a stadium where people have problems in identifying their seats, vehicles, restrooms, etc. Also, according to a survey, there is a higher possibility for children to get lost in stadiums more than any other venue; however, with the help of location tracking, they can be tracked effortlessly.

Tracking technology can be the coolest innovation for the stadium management if accommodated for better visitor experience at the venue. Stadium visitors intent to have an excited and memorable time while witnessing the sport along with the rest of the crowds, however, most visitors spend their time in locating interesting location within the venue.

Indoor location tracking does just that for the spectators!

Event Notification:

Stadium management is often in a 24/7 shift, yet it becomes hard for them to keep updating each visitor on the upcoming and on-going events and that is where event notification feature comes into play. However, few high profile events need not be notified due to the publicity it already has. Also, with this feature, the management can send notifications to the visitors on their discount codes or vouchers for special food in the upcoming matches or events and make them visit the venue again and again.

Emergency Management:

Visitors in stadiums get engrossed in the game and witnessing their team win would be the only objective for them at that point in time. However, there are many surveys which speak about stadiums witnessing unfortunate accidents due to the lack of instant response from the management.

With emergency management, the spectators will get safety tips in emergency situations like a fire accident, physical damage, conflict among crowd and etc.

Indoor Positioning and Navigation Technology:

Stadiums need a wayfinding solution while facing challenges like navigation and wayfinding in time of kick off. Improving the spectatorship on the match day can be an effortless task but with this technology, the visitors can plan their day and navigate all by themselves within the stadium arena.

Also, visitors can have a complete overview of their mobile screens with the help of this technology. Merchandise stalls, food, drinks, vendors and ticket checkpoints and much more can be viewed and the visitors can have a blissful time at the venue. This kind of ambience will more likely allow them to return back and tell others about the great experience.

With the blend of this technology in stadiums, the management of stadiums can also have greater insights on how their visitors are moving around the stadium and therefore can ensure more attractive stalls placed there which can eventually help in improving the overall visitor experience.

When visitors in stadiums get lost within the labyrinth due to the deficiency of technology, it ideally is equal to the loss of the venue management as well, integrating indoor positioning and navigation technology for a better and healthy visitor engagement will be the key to improve the visitor experience and eventually in increasing the venue’s bottom line.

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