Resort Management Made Easy With the Ideal Technology

Resort Management is a growing area of expertise which requires both the resort’s staff and the facilities to be flexible and convenient for guests to relax and rejuvenate.

Choosing the right technology to help enhance visitor experience might just be the answer when it comes to facility management.

Let’s begin with a basic question…

Does your resort ensure guests are engaged while at the facility?
Well, you need to be sure as engaged guests mean positive feedback which eventually translates into better business!

Primarily, visitors look forward to certain things on a holiday and expect a worthwhile time before visiting a particular facility. Apart from basic amenities and friendly staff, visitors also need facility information at their fingertips.

This is where indoor navigation and wayfinding technology comes into play by allowing visitors to access the facility on a real-time basis and plan their time accordingly.

So, can resorts engage visitors enough to make them visit again?
By equipping your resort with technology, facility management is easier than ever – allowing your visitors to thoroughly engage with the facilities at the venue.

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Indoor Positioning and Navigation Technology

Technology is great, but choosing the right technology is imperative!

Indoor positioning and navigation using beacons with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can help guests navigate from one point of interest to another without getting lost or having to be dependent on someone for directions.

Communication Platform

A smartphone app can work wonders for resort managers as it can serve as a real-time communication interface between them, their staff and their guests. Information about the latest facilities, events and special offers among others can be sent as push notifications to guests, encouraging them to explore the facility further.

Additionally, management should adopt a technology which helps them with the following activities:

  • Event Booking
  • Indoor Wayfinding and Navigation
  • Location Bookmarking
  • Marketing Integration
  • Safety Alerts and Notifications

Many other services fall within the purview of this technology to further engage visitors at the venue so that they have a happy and enjoyable time at the venue.

Accepting the Technological Turn in Resorts

According to a survey done by an independent researcher in 2016, the future of resorts is going to be robot-friendly as they use quite a big bulk of manpower consisting of servicemen, manual operators for amenities, room service, valets, among others who are occupied with their routine.

An interactive platform like a smartphone application will come in handy in resorts by enabling visitors to locate spaces, register for events, receive offers and get vital safety-related information.

Using the Wi-Fi or strategic placement of beacons and QR codes or Bluetooth, an application can be used by the organization which gives them real-time data about the infrastructure as well as guests’ engagement.

The Hospitality Technology Next Generation, which presents the latest technological trends, has listed the problems plaguing existing large venues saying that nearly 80% of all the large facilities will have location-based technology within their venues in the near future and as of now only 36% have upgraded in terms of that technology.

With most visitors at resorts, spas, and healing centers using handheld smartphones or tablets, introducing them to an application which can be downloaded on their device during check-in will provide two solutions:

  1. Visitors will have the entire facility’s access on their fingertips to plan their routes, bookmark their points of interest, and check out ‘happy hour’ deals within the facility.
  2. For better management, the application provides essential data which can be then mined to arrive at strategic business decisions to improve revenue.

Resort managers are investing in delivery platforms to elevate the in-room experience and provide guests everything that is available outside within the venue itself. That means bigger, better TVs that interface easily with guest mobile devices for a great viewing experience for all visitors.

If indoor navigation, commonly referred to as ‘INDOOR GPS’, can be added to the technological facelift plan by the resort management, it can emerge as a highly rewarding application with a growing return on investment.

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