Srisys forays into the indoor positioning systems industry

US based Srisys has expressed keen interest in foraying into the Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) market which is set to grow phenomenally by the end of this decade. With a proven track record of delivering innovative IT solutions to its clients across the globe since its inception, the technology firm will cater to global markets with its new tech-based product.

CEO of Srisys, Mr. Sajja says, “While we have Global Positioning System (GPS) to help people navigate outdoors, there is a dearth of innovative technologies which can help users navigate and locate spaces inside a large facility such as a shopping mall, a medical facility, or a wildlife sanctuary. We want to build such a technology to help users with effortless navigation once inside a facility.”

Having known to build disruptive technologies for their clients, the team of Srisys based out of Hyderabad is confident of building a technology based on IPS. In terms of industry figures, the IPS market is projected to be worth 40.99 Billion USD by 2022. In India this technology is still being discussed for its feasibility and once the scope is measured, the adoption of IPS technologies will happen steadily.

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