Feedback, Polls and Surveys on Pigeon Suite

Beyond the communication that your guests send you directly, you can reach out to customers to collect feedback for the improvement of your business. Most importantly, this includes improved guest experience and increased revenue. By reaching out to your customers with polls and surveys with the intention to collect feedback on their trips through your venue, direct responses regarding their experience can help you learn about the positive effects of your site along with those things in need of improvement. You can learn the best things to do to meet guests’ needs and desires on a regular basis in order to make their trips to your location continuously positive.You can also collect customer comments, posts, and other data reported on your app during their visits to help evaluate the status of your customer response. While direct questions to customers are extremely helpful and reliable, it is understandable that not everyone will respond to your requests to fill out polls and surveys about their experience inside your location. So, the use of your apps can be a positive resource for customer data collection as far as the areas of your venue they visited the most, where they had the most positive and negative comments, and also those customers tended to avoid. All of these can help you determine the next set of updates that may be needed to your venue without the direct comments received from guests.With feedback, polls, and surveys available for various types of customer data, you have various benefits under your wing for the advancement of your venue in many aspects including the following:

Polls and surveys are direct responses that can help communicate with your customers and also remain on an open level of communication with all customers. It can help you let them know that you appreciate their feedback, both positive and negative. This can also be something that can increase the long-term communication, engagement, and overall trust in the relationships you have with your customers in the long run. Your business could be well-known for accepting customer recommendations and also for your high value of customer support. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.