Foster Real-Time Connections: In-App Messaging for Museums

In today’s dynamic world, museums need engaging communication channels. Pigeon Tech’s innovative mobile app empowers you to connect with visitors directly, fostering deeper engagement through in-app messaging.

Real-Time Updates

Keep visitors informed with timely announcements, exhibit updates and program changes delivered directly within the app.

Personalized Messages:

Leverage visitor data to send targeted messages relevant to their interests and location (if applicable), creating a more personal experience.

Targeted Promotions

Promote upcoming events, special exhibits and museum programs effectively, reaching the right audience at the right time.

Increase Awareness

Boost visitor awareness of museum services, amenities and hidden gems within your institution.

Benefits for Museums Using Pigeon-Tech Real-Time Connections

Pigeon Tech’s white-labeling empowers museums to create a mobile app that feels like an extension of their brand. This fosters a deeper connection with visitors, leading to increased engagement and a thriving museum.

Improved Visitor Flow

Provide real-time guidance and navigation assistance within the museum (if location-based features are applicable).

Segmentation & Targeting

Segment visitor groups based on interests to deliver targeted content and messages, maximizing impact.

Streamlined Communication

Simplify communication with visitors by eliminating the need for external messaging platforms.

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Pigeon Tech’s in-app messaging empowers museums to connect with visitors in real-time, fostering a more engaging and interactive experience. This translates to increased visitor satisfaction, higher engagement and a thriving museum.