Your Brand, Your App – Elevate Your Museum

Stand out from the crowd and create a truly unique visitor experience with Pigeon Tech’s white-labeling functionality for our mobile app.

Unleash Your Identity

Ditch generic app designs! White-labeling empowers you to personalize the app with your museum's logo, colors and branding elements.

Strengthen Brand Recognition

A custom app fosters a stronger connection with visitors, reinforcing your museum's brand identity and building trust.

Tailored User Interface

Design a unique user interface (UI) that aligns with your museum's aesthetic and complements your website.

Museum-Specific Content & Features

Seamlessly integrate your museum's exhibits, collections and information into the app, creating a truly customized experience.

Benefits for Museums Using Pigeon-Tech White labeling

Pigeon Tech’s white-labeling empowers museums to create a mobile app that feels like an extension of their brand. This fosters a deeper connection with visitors, leading to increased engagement and a thriving museum.

Effortless Management

White-labeling simplifies app management. Maintain control over content and updates, all within a familiar platform.

Website Integration

Ensure a smooth visitor journey by seamlessly integrating the custom app with your museum's website.

Increased Trust

A branded app fosters a sense of familiarity and trust, enhancing visitor engagement.

Differentiation & Appeal

Stand out from other museums with a unique app that reflects your institution's character.

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