Maps Made Universal – Reach Every Visitor

In today’s digital age, visitors expect seamless navigation, regardless of their device. Pigeon Tech’s innovative mobile app empowers you to deliver exactly that, with our groundbreaking cross-platform map functionality.

Omnichannel Access

Our app transcends device limitations. Visitors can access interactive museum maps on their smartphones, tablets, web browsers and even on-site touchscreen kiosks.

Empower Self-Guided Exploration

Pigeon Tech fosters visitor independence by providing clear and accessible navigation across all platforms. This empowers visitors to explore at their own pace.

Kiosk Integration

Provide an alternative navigation option for visitors with limited smartphone use or those preferring a larger screen. Kiosk integration promotes inclusivity for all.

Offline Map Access

Ensure everyone can navigate your museum, even in areas with limited Wi-Fi connectivity. Offer offline map access for a stress-free experience.

Benefits for Museums Using Pigeon-Tech Interactive Wayfinding

Our cross-platform map app empowers museums to reach every visitor, regardless of device preference or accessibility needs. Pigeon Tech fosters a seamless, inclusive and engaging museum experience for all.

Streamline Museum Navigation

Simplify visitor orientation and reduce reliance on printed maps, promoting sustainability.

Real-Time Information

Display up-to-date exhibit information and museum layout changes across all map platforms.

Unified Brand Experience

Maintain a consistent museum brand image through a unified map design across all access points.

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