Empower Visitors with Offline Museum Maps

In today’s digital age, museum visitors crave seamless navigation and a frustration-free experience. Pigeon Tech’s innovative mobile app empowers you to deliver exactly that, unlocking a multitude of benefits for your institution and your visitors.

Effortless Exploration & Self-Guided Tours

Offer visitors the freedom to explore independently with our downloadable, high-resolution museum maps. No internet connection required!

Enhanced Accessibility for All

Pigeon Tech champions inclusivity. Our offline maps ensure everyone can navigate your museum with ease, regardless of internet access.

Eliminate Dead Zones & Frustration

Don't let unreliable Wi-Fi hinder your visitors' experience. Our offline maps ensure smooth navigation throughout your entire museum.

Reduced Stress & Improved Satisfaction

Empower visitors to confidently navigate your museum, leading to a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Streamlined Information Access

Integrate key information points directly into the offline map, allowing visitors to access exhibit details, restroom locations and exit points without needing an internet connection.

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Seamless Integration with Audio Guides

Enhance your existing audio guide app by offering offline functionality through integration with Pigeon Tech's maps.

Benefits for Museums Using Pigeon-Tech Offline Navigation

Our mobile app empowers museums to offer a more accessible, engaging and visitor-centric experience. Pigeon Tech’s offline maps ensure smooth navigation, empower self-guided tours and eliminate frustration caused by unreliable Wi-Fi.

Enhanced Visitor Experience & Positive Reviews

By empowering visitors with self-guided navigation and eliminating Wi-Fi woes, Pigeon Tech's offline maps lead to a more enjoyable experience, potentially resulting in positive reviews and increased satisfaction.

Improved Accessibility & Inclusivity

Our commitment to accessibility ensures all visitors can navigate your museum independently, fostering a more welcoming environment.

Reduced Operational Costs

Pigeon Tech's offline maps eliminate the need for bulky printed maps, potentially saving on printing and distribution costs.

Valuable Visitor Data & Informed Decisions

The app can collect anonymized visitor behavior data to help you understand visitor flow and optimize exhibit layouts for a better experience.

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Our visitor analytics app empowers museums to make data-driven decisions, optimize visitor experiences and achieve their strategic goals. Contact Pigeon-Tech today to learn more!