Heat Maps on Pigeon Attractions

With heat maps you can follow a great deal of data regarding your guests’ activity when they are inside the gate. You can gather data about the behavior of your visitors tracking the footfalls all throughout your venue. This can provide assistance for your marketing and sales goals while also learning what is working the best in your business along with the improvements that are needed.An easy way to understand the heat map is a graphical representation of user data in various colors. For example, on geo heat maps the ‘hot’ colors show the locations in your park that receive the greatest traffic while the ‘cold’ colors show the places with the least footfall.Heat maps are also quite versatile for your data collection and analysis. For geographic heat maps you can gain a great deal of benefits with the data collected for your business in many aspects along with the increase of your revenue. Some of the most common benefits of these heat maps for your business include the following:
These are only some of the most common benefits of where heat maps help your business both visualize data better and make improved data-backed decisions for the improvement of your business. You have an opportunity to understand how users interact with your app as well as how they act throughout your park. With all this saved If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.