Exhibit Spotlight on Pigeon MapNav

Exhibit Spotlight can be used to educate visitors and keep them engaged with the exhibits delivering an immersive experience while buying more time to increase your revenue. When integrated with Wayfinding you can create and promote guided conservation tours for your visitors. By using the cameras on their phones, your visitors can learn about the exhibits in your venue with the display of curatorial and interpretive content through pictures, audio, video, and text. A simple point of the camera at exhibits throughout their journey can bring incredible information and activity into their hands.

The Exhibit Spotlight feature can deliver your visitors a unique, invigorating experience throughout their journey creating emotional and physical connections between the guests and the exhibits. You can also use it to do Dynamic Crowd Funding, asking for donations when displaying exhibit information, like “Do you want to adopt our beloved bear?”

The feature uses AI technology to recognize exhibits and build interactive learning content with quizzes to boost visitor engagement, provide them information on points of interests via texts, images, audio, and videos for an engaging story-like experience on their mobile devices. Even more, with this interaction and engagement your guests can be rewarded throughout their tours with coupons, rewards, discounts, and others on things like food, beverages, tickets, and much more. All this engagement and earnings can help your guests continue to stay longer or even return often with discounts on further purchases while it can help to increase your revenue.

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