Interactive Map on Pigeon Attractions

Interactive Maps can help guests find their way around your park with visible images on their device of their current location along with nearby access points. The Interactive Maps help you with customizability so that you can keep all the details of your maps up to date with the details of any changes that occur to your location. Even more, your visitors can work to plan their visit to your site and visualize their route ahead of time while also seeing simple and intuitive gestures that will help guide them throughout your location. 

Users can interact with the digital maps of your location, especially with the ability to zoom in and out, pan around, identify specific features, and search for data by topic or locations throughout your site. They can select specific information in the map and also learn about your site prior to their planned visit to your park. 

There are many beneficial features within the interactive mapping of Attractions, including the following:

So, with all this interactive directing available for your guests, the maps are quite informational and consistently up to date. Your guests can both visualize their trip throughout your site along with the connection to the other features along your apps to receive notifications, promotions, and other messaging during their visit. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.