Mobile Wallet on Pigeon Attractions

In 2020, nearly 300 million Americans owned and used smartphones regularly, and that number is continuously growing. It is quite likely that a majority of your guests are within this population, and they have access to a digital wallet in their phone. Considering the fact that so many Americans rely upon the security of their phone for purchases and access to the internet and their daily apps, their purchases from your business made from their phone is a helpful way to offer purchases like your tickets, passes, and other retail. It helps to understand the digital wallet and why your customers likely rely on its security so much. With your customers’ payment information and passwords securely stored within their digital wallets, it definitely helps to have the Mobile Wallet App integrated with your Pigeon Suite App to help your customers easily access their digital wallet and securely complete all their purchases from your business. As more than a way to complete purchase payments online, your customers can easily store all the records of their payments and never have to open their physical wallet or even leave it at home when they visit your park. By offering the Mobile Wallet feature to allow your customers this access you become a trusted vendor to work easily with their secure payment information already in their phones.Beyond this, there are several benefits for you and your customers alike with the Mobile Wallet feature, helping to complete and track purchases all throughout your sales. Some of these benefits include the following:
For the further convenience of your customers, Mobile Wallet offers a great deal of convenience for your guests to complete purchases in relation to their well-planned visits. By including this convenience along with many other abilities for your customers who likely spend a great deal of time on their smartphones, you can easily develop trustworthy customer relationships and a high rating of your business’s customer support. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to  request a demo.