Empower Visitors with Interactive Maps in your Zoo & Aqua App

Lost visitors equal frustrated visitors. Pigeon Tech’s mobile app keeps everyone on track with our innovative interactive map functionality. This powerful tool allows visitors to:

Effortlessly Navigate

Find exhibits, shows, restrooms, concession stands and animal encounters with ease.

Real-Time Updates

Access up-to-date information on exhibit locations, show schedules and wait times for a seamless visit.

Filter by Interest

Explore the zoo or aquarium based on specific interests, such as mammals, reptiles, or children's areas.

Hidden Gem Discovery

Uncover lesser-known exhibits and unique experiences through interactive map features.

Pigeon Tech's Interactive Maps: A Boon for Zoos & Aquariums

Pigeon-Tech Attractions not only redefines how visitors interact with your exhibits but also transforms the overall museum visit into a more intuitive, engaging and accessible experience. Are you ready to revolutionize the way visitors explore and enjoy your museum? Join us on this transformative journey.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Interactive maps reduce stress and frustration, leading to happier and more engaged visitors.

Improved Traffic Flow

Efficient navigation helps distribute visitors throughout the park, minimizing congestion.

Reduced Staffing Needs

Interactive maps answer visitor location questions, freeing up staff for other tasks.

Valuable Visitor Insights

Track user navigation patterns to optimize exhibit placement and visitor flow.

Check out our apps in motion!

Invest in a stress-free and enjoyable visitor experience. Contact Pigeon Tech today to discuss adding our interactive maps to your custom zoo or aquarium app!