Hear Visitor Voices Zoo & Aqua

In today’s competitive environment, understanding your visitors’ needs and preferences is crucial for a successful zoo or aquarium. Pigeon Tech’s in-app feedback system empowers you to gather valuable insights directly from your visitors, allowing you to continuously improve their experience.

Interactive Polls & Surveys

Engage visitors with fun and easy-to-use polls and surveys directly within the app.

Real-Time Feedback

Gather immediate feedback on exhibits, shows, amenities and overall satisfaction.

Actionable Insights

Analyze visitor responses to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Benefits for Zoos & Aquariums

Pigeon Tech’s in-app feedback system is the perfect tool to gain a deeper understanding of your visitors and keep them coming back for more!

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Use feedback to personalize the visitor experience and address pain points effectively.

Improved Exhibit Design & Content

Tailor exhibits and educational content based on visitor preferences and interests.

Increased Visitor Satisfaction

Demonstrate that you care about visitor feedback and actively work to improve their experience.

Boosted Visitor Engagement

Interactive polls and surveys spark conversation and create a more engaging app experience.

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